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What is Functional Medicine and Why Does it Matter?

Functional medicine is a science-based, healthcare approach that assesses and treats underlying causes of illness through individually suitable therapies to restore health and improve function. Functional medicine focuses on changing the patient’s state of health to his/her fullest potential. Functional medicine links research in basic science with developing options in clinical care to create safe and effective prevention, early intervention, and multifactorial treatment of complex chronic conditions. The understanding of physiological and biochemical function/dysfunction of the body systems produces a unique approach to health care that focuses on achieving health through normalizing and balancing the function of the body.

The Principles of Functional Medicine

  • A science-based field of health care

  • Biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness

  • Patient centered versus disease centered

  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors

  • Web-like interconnections of physiological factors

  • Health as a positive growth – not merely the absence of disease

  • Promotion of organ reserve – healthspan

The Fundamental Imbalances Addressed by Functional Medicine

  • Environmental Inputs (Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Trauma)

  • Immune & Inflammatory Imbalance

  • Energy Production/Oxidative Stress

  • Gastrointestinal Imbalance

  • Detoxification & Biotransformation

  • Hormonal & Neurotransmitter Imbalance

  • Structural Imbalance

  • Mind & Spirit

Wellness/ Nutritional Therapy

QFMC pursues holistic care through natural care plans. In order to achieve wellness care, QFMC offers programs such as a weight loss program (Q Shape Up) and detoxification. Each program contains diet restriction, individually designed excersise, natural nutrition prescription and is a well organized maintenance program including meditation and stress release techniques. QFMC provides nutriceutical grade, bio available, potent nutrition as well as western oriental herbal nutrition. 

It is a program continuously monitored, prescribed and supervised by specialized health care providers at QFMC. Q Shape Up offers affordable, naturally holistic, and individually tailored methods that will help you lose weight as well as change your life style in a healthy fashion. Q Shape Up is a work of art enhanced by comprehensive, natural functional medicine. Q Shape UP is a three month program which consists of comprehensive clinical tests, weight loss, acupuncture, detoxification, nutritional therapy, exercise prescription, food intake monitoring, and patient education into one.

Detoxification is an internal cleansing of your body and an essential process for the health of the body. The detoxification will require you to make healthier choices for yourself by abstaining from fast foods, processed foods, or sugar loaded snacks. QFMC's detoxification and weight loss programs offer a unique system. These programs are not only diets, but they are programs designed that help you live a healthier life using whole food supplements to help your body purify and rebuild itself naturally from the inside out. 

Let's start your detox with QFMC today! 

The easiest and most nutritious way to detoxify your body! 

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