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A Patient-Centered Approach

At Q Functional Medicine Clinic, Dr.Chang Lee specializes in finding the true cause of your problem. A thorough consultation and comprehensive examination allows us to understand your level of health and where you need to take it to, achieving your goals. Dr.Lee offers a holistic approach to healthcare. He focus on promoting lifestyle habits that promote healthy moving, thinking, and eating in order to enhance positive outcomes while reducing the need for medication. Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation of his or her complete health before determining the right course of action.

 Advance Adrenal Stress Test

At Q Functional Medicine Clinic, part of our regular patient care is to make sure that your internal organs, including your adrenal glands, are functioning on an optimal basis. Dr. Lee finds and remove subluxations or interference in the nervous system to restore proper nerve function, and help your adrenal glands perform optimally. In addition, part of our patient care at Q Functional Medicine Clinic is to educate our patients on nutrition, exercise, and how to properly manage mental and emotional stress. We offer Advance Arenal Stress Tests to our patients too. Living a natural, healthy, chiropractic lifestyle will help improve the function of your nervous system and internal organs, enabling you to withstand stress better.

FIT, Food Inflammation Test

Food and environmental allergens have been implicated in a wide range of medical conditions affecting virtually every part of the body from mildly uncomfortable symptoms such as indigestion and gastritis, to severe illnesses such as celiac disease, arthritis and chronic infection. At Q Functional Medicine Clinic, we offer our patients a variety of resources when it comes to holistic health, one of those being FIT testing. We use a blood test kit to determine if a patient is experiencing any food intolerance. FIT testing is done to identify any foods that may be causing any inflammation or triggering an adverse response.

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