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SMOKING                  CESSATION

QFMC Smoking Cessation Program

If you are trying to quit smoking, QFMC's acupuncture is a natural way to help you curb your craving for nicotine. Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbs, may not be as well-known as nicotine patches or gum. But they all can offer relief, especially in the acute phase of withdrawal when you’re wrestling with fatigue, irritability and gnawing cravings.

Some people try acupuncture because they cannot tolerate the drugs used for tobacco cessation. Unlike prescription medications, acupuncture has no side effects. In fact, it is very common to notice side benefits like improvements in sleep or mood. Others use acupuncture as part of an overall strategy to quit.

How Does the Smoking Acupuncture Work?

From the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, your tobacco withdrawal symptoms are being produced by the impeding of your Liver’s functioning. Because you are addicted to tobacco, your Liver has become used to the stimulation of the tobacco that is usually in your circulation, and this has substituted a part of your Liver’s own energy, so that your Liver now has less energy.

In the interval between you smoking each cigarette, the level of tobacco in your circulation falls, and this means that your Liver does not then have enough energy to function properly. This produces various symptoms, which might include feelings of agitation, of anxiety, of depression; difficulty in falling asleep; and also the craving for tobacco, which is your body’s way of telling you that it needs this particular substance to function properly.

Acupuncture treatment works by stimulating the functioning of your Liver, and this then eases your tobacco withdrawal symptoms, since your Liver can then function properly without the need for tobacco. When this happens, you will be able to feel well, but will have achieved this without having to smoke. Between treatments, this boosting of your Liver’s energy will initially wear off, as your Liver returns to that state that it has become accustomed to over many years. But as the treatments progresses, your Liver functioning will gradually become better regulated over longer periods of time, so that you will tend to feel well without having to smoke to produce this feeling.

Stimulating the Ears~

Dr. Lee targets certain areas of the body for certain conditions. Each patient is custom-treated according to his or her specific and unique diagnosis. When it comes to helping smokers quit, pressure points in the ears are especially effective in suppressing cravings. 

There’s a lot of theory behind the use of these pressure points. The cranial nerves, accessed through the ears, stimulate the nervous system to suppress the urge for cigarettes. We’re trying not only to suppress cravings, but also to engage the relaxation response.

Studies show that acupuncture promotes the brain to pump out endorphins, our feel-good hormones. We’re really manipulating the body using needles and targeted pressure to help support people as they work through withdrawal symptoms.

Acupuncture treatment tends to transform the taste of tobacco into a bad experience, which may make smoking cessation less difficult. Also, acupuncture treatment alleviates nervousness, agitation, and other signs of mental distress. This calming effect may also make the smoking cessation experience less stressful.

What are the benefits of acupuncture treatment?

The treatments would not only treat your withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for you to stop smoking, but would also usually improve your general health. Of course, once you have stopped smoking, your health would tend to improve as a result, but if you are undergoing acupuncture treatment while you are stopping, the improvement in your health would normally be more pronounced.

Also, an added bonus is the tremendous financial benefits that you will have once you have finally managed to stop smoking.

Cleanse Your Body and Lungs from Cigarette Toxins By Detoxification

There is no doubt about the fact that smoking does a lot of damage to the body and some organs like the heart, lungs and liver. Smoking cigarettes exposes your body and lungs to toxins like tar, nicotine, arsenic, carbon monoxide, and a lot of other poisonous substances and even though you may have kicked the smoking habit, these chemicals still inhabit your bloodstream.


So whether you’re still smoking, trying to quit, or recently quit, it’s also important to help your body recover and detoxify from the damage caused by smoking. Q Functional Medicine Clinic offer All NATURAL HOLISTIC DETOX, that is designed to help loosen and relieve accumulated toxins from the throat, larynx, nose, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, intestinal and lymphatic systems.


Our Natural and Holistic Detox works great for smokers and ex-smokers, to help strengthen their body’s natural ability to detoxify and heal. The Detox supplements that we use, comes from all natural sources like plants and minerals, is extremely gentle and safe and have no side effects.

You may have read about detox supplements that can make you feel terrible during the process but our detox works gently with your body strengthening your natural detoxification process.

You can cleanse yourself from the toxins derived from smoking with QFMC DETOX Program.

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