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Dr. Lee has helped me when no other doctor could. I was skeptical at first because I have had so many shoulder issues after surgery and then a car accident. I highly recommend him!

 When it comes to chiropractic care, I consider Dr. Lee to be elite. His dedication to his patients is no less than what he gives his friends and family. He is very knowledgeable and extremely good at what he does. Doctor Lee’s diagnostic skills are exemplary and his knowledge of the human body is unsurpassed. His adjusting method is very gentle. With few month of adjustment my general health as a whole has been enhanced and the pain that was once constant is no longer present. "Thank you" Dr. Lee for being God’s instrument of health and healing for me.

Dr. Chang Yeol Lee help me a lot regain my strength without medicine and cure with natural way. I've been going this clinic about 18 years and still better then other chiropractic clinic.

I have been seeing Dr. Lee for a few weeks now and am very happy with his services. He really cares about his patients and takes time to explain all treatment plans. He and his staff are wonderful! He is always willing to do what he can to help - He is very professional with his treatment and he saved a lot my money instead of taking MRI or any kind of injection. After few weeks treatment by providing an adjustment, I was not in pain anymore and he also gave me custormized rehab exercises. Thank you for your great holistic cares!

I went to Dr. LEE for multiple issues: hip pain, knee pain from surgery, restricted movement in my shoulder and wrist pain. Dr. LEE treatment has been life changing. I am able to move more freely and I have drastically less pain in my body. This has been a wonderful journey with Dr. Lee. Thank you for all you do!

 My allergies were nearly debilitating, and I went the standard pharmaceutical route – prescription antihistamines, eyedrops, you name it… nothing helped.....and then, I went to see Dr. Lee. His acupuncture treatment and simple diet changes have changed my life. I haven’t touched a Claritin or Allegra pill since. Thank you Dr. Lee. I really recommend him if you have any allergies, just visit him and you will see the difference in no time.

Doctor Lee is very thorough and attentive. I had a great experience at this clinic, highly recommended! :)

Dr. Lee takes care of my family since 2006! Good advisor, nutrionist, diet, vitamin and whole body care. He is awesome.

I've been visiting Dr. Lee for a number of years. It's nice to not worry about filling prescriptions and actually rely on changing your diet and simple exercises to get on your way to recovery. His staff is extremely attentive and professional as well. Overall, Dr. Lee's practice is amazing!

Doctor are knowledgeable. I seen two others chiropractor before in the past two year, among these 3 doctors, Doctor Lee at Q Functional Medicine Clinic is the best.  I do adjustment and acupuncture here for my back pain. My 4 year old daughter she do adjustment, acupuncture and oxygen treatment.

Dr. Lee has been my chiropractor/functional medicine doctor now for about 3 years. I came to talk to him after my husband saw him after a car accident and I had just had thyroid surgery. He has helped me physically, nutritionally and has even treated me during my last pregnancy. I highly recommend him after all of these years and many,many visits later. He's pretty easy to get an appointment with fairly quickly, if needed. My family will continue to see him for years to come.

Wow. Simply amazing. I rarely do the reviews. He is the best of the best with a lot of different treatment options and moralities. He is THE REAL one.
Don't go to shitty ones, go to this doc. You will never forget.

I wish I can really tell my story from the beginning but the page will end but my review won't. After God and few of my really good friends Dr. Lee was the only Doctor who told me to hang in there! He really gave me hope to survive without a surgery. He treated my sciatica for which my other Doctors gave me no hope but told me to go for surgery. He is a very knowlegeable doctor who shows care and concerns about his patients. I have seen him with patients how devoted he always is for them. His staff  is also very productive and understanding and their manners are exceptional and I believe this is what patients look for. Not once they refuse to take me in if I needed to see Dr.Lee for any of my reasons.

Dr. Lee is very professional and helped me recover after my car crash in. He is very thorough and professional, taking time to explain his methods and procedures. He is very polite and detail-oriented, giving his patients individually tailored stretching rehab exercises as well. You are sure not to get this kind of chiropractic treatment anywhere else. His clinic also comes with a wide range of therapy exercise equipment and other products that you can purchase, such as organic supplements and personal physical therapy equipment that the clinic sells at great values. Dr. Lee has a genuine care for his patients like he did for me and I surely recommend him to anybody looking for excellent chiropractic care for a great value.

Ki Tea Min
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