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Restoring The Body's Innate Ability To

Create Wellness Through a Holistic Approach


QFMC's chiropractic adjustments help manipulate and restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force onto the joints. This mobile restriction on the joints is typically a result of tissue trauma, which can be manipulated by treating the affected areas to help restore mobility, alleviate pain from muscle tightness, and encourage proper healing of the tissues.  

QFMC is a holistic wellness clinic dedicated to helping you discover health and rediscover vitality through a comprehensive and natural functional medicine approach. Integrating all natural medicines of oriental medicine like cupping, chiropractic, rehabilitation and functional medicine based nutritional /herbal therapy, we focus on whole body's balance of structure, biochemistry, and emotion to treat the root causes of pain, secondary medical conditions, and in order to prevent disease.

QFMC provides an individually specialized rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation utilizes the progressive stabilization/strengthening process that focuses on stretching tightened postural muscles and strengthening debilitated muscles. QFMC provides the most refined rehabilitation program with our State-of-the-Art equipment and knowledgeable staff.

Lab Testing

To help our patients effectively, QFMC provides comprehensive diagnostic tools like Blood Tests, Hormonal Tests, Urinalysis and BIA to offer a precise diagnosis for each individual.

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